About Vegniek

Technical challenges for agriculture and industry. We love that at Vegniek. Due to sustainability, new cultivation and production methods, new machines are constantly needed. Vegniek responds to this with innovative machinery. With our knowledge of materials, hydraulics, pneumatics, transmission and control technology, we are always able to develop products that are better, smarter or cheaper, while keeping an eye for the highest quality. Became curious? Take a look at our products and projects to find out what we mean.


Innovative machinery

We would like to tell you a bit about our history. Erik van der Vegt started Vegniek in 2013 in Luttelgeest. With roots in agriculture, he starts developing innovative machines aimed at the agricultural sector. One of the first machines, the forward tipping box-rotator, is a success. This also increases the demand for other inventive machines. The production sector also comes to us. Vegniek has realized various machines for industry over the years.


Our method

A new machine often starts with an idea of ​​our own or with a demand from the market. We come up with solutions and then start designing. We work out the best designs in a detailed 3D drawing. We use computer simulation to test the operation of a machine. That way we leave nothing to chance. Feel free to contact us if you have a good idea and are looking for a party to further develop and realize it.


Vegniek is growing

The Vegniek team is growing steadily. We now consist of a group of passionate welders, mechanics and designers. In 2020 we moved to a new building in Emmeloord (the Netherlands) with enough space for design and realization.

Schools have also found their way to Vegniek. We have become an apprenticeship company and offer internships, both in our fully equipped workshop and in our design department. Vegniek is a challenging learning environment for pupils and students.


Sales at ​​Vegniek 

Vegniek focuses on the development and implementation of machines. But our sales are also constantly expanding. If you want to receive information about our machines, please do not hesitate to contact us for the dealer address near you.

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