Accessoires Box rotators

Big bag filler

With the big bag filler it is possible to fill big bags directly from the box with a standard Vegniek BT301 rotator. The product is emptied into the bigbag in a controlled manner. The fall is inhibited by fall loops in the funnel. This makes it possible to store the product longer in boxes and transfer it quickly and efficiently into big bags just before delivery. This preserves the quality of the product and prevents big bags from sagging.


Fall breaker

A fall breaker can be mounted on the standard Vegniek RM350 rotator. This makes it possible to transfer product to another box very easily, without the product being damaged because there is no falling height. The product flow is constricted and inhibited by fall loops. In practice it has turned out that this is a good alternative to turning boxes. The fall breaker is also ideal if vulnerable production has to be tipped in, for example, a bunker.


Forks with quick-release system

The (dis) assembly of forks is a tough and dangerous job. The quick-release forks are then ideal. By removing the locking blocks, the forks can be placed on a pallet. Later, the forks can be easily hooked back onto the fork carrier without any effort. Just mount the locking blocks and you're done. And all without having to lift or move the forks.

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