Combimaster 350

Subsoiler and seedbed preparation in one. Ideal for stirring the soil and preparing a perfect seed bed. 
It is easy the mount any seed coulterbar on the CombiMaster 350. This makes it possible to perform 3 operations in 1 working pass without riding the ground in between. 

The machine is built in such a way that a working width of 3.5 meters is possible with a transport width of 3.5 meters.
By means of the integrated 4-point linkage both the trailing roller and the seed coulterbar are lifted up forward.
This moves the center of gravity forward, allowing safe transport.
The trailing roller ensures a constant working depth and compaction to reduce the soil porosity and limit evaporation to create a perfect seedbed.
The combination cultivates the seedbed without making the topsoil too fine. 

The subsoiler and cultivator frame are individually adjustable in height.


Benefits of the CombiMaster 350:


  • Subsoiling, seedbed preparation, and sowing in a single operation
  • Compact machine
  • Low traction force required compared to other subsoilers or fixed tines
  • Alleviates soil compaction
  • Efficient seedbed preparation to prevent soil clamping
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