DiscMaster 150

The Vegniek DiscMaster sets a new revolution in the field of haulm pulling in the potato industry. The machine is simple, smart and reliable and guarantees very good results. The Discmaster has a very attractive break even point compared to the alternatives. In a world where fewer and fewer chemicals can be used, the solution is here.

The DiscMaster is driven directly from the tractor hydraulics. The control can be done from the tractor on a control panel or directly with the tractor-valves.


Via the spring-loaded haulm guides the haulm is brought to the intake drums along with a small amount of ground that is directed to the pull discs. Next to the pull discs are stainless steel gliders that prevent potatoes from being pulled out of the row.  As soon as the flow of haulm with ground leaves the pull discs it is guided to the diabolo rollers which then gently press the loose ground. The result: Well-covered potatoes and a well-closed rows which are resistant against weather influences.


  • Very good and accurate operation 
  • No exposed potatoes and closed rows  
  • Light weight machine and easy to use  
  • Low operating costs
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