LoadMaster 225/250

The Vegniek loading bucket is directly attached to the fork carrier of the forklift, together with the compact construction a high capacity is guaranteed. The round tubes in a special shape break up the stored product, making this bucket very suitable for vulnerable products. The LM225 has a capacity of 2000 l and the LM250 has a capacity of no less than 2250 l. Both loading buckets are very compactly built, making the capacity of the forklift very high. The only difference between the two buckets is the width. The LM225 is 225 cm width and the LM250 is 256 cm width.


Due to the round bucket shape and the stainless steel bottom, the bucket remains clean. The 2 hydraulic cylinders ensure perfect force distribution. 4 wear strips have been applied over the entire length of the bottom, so that hooks behind edges are excluded.


The viewing grids make the corners of the bucket clearly visible from the drivers seat. And the position indicator makes it easy to see from the forklift when the bucket is levelled. As a result, the bucket always has the correct position, which means less wear and tear and slides easier into the product.


The benifits of the LM225/250 loading bucket:

    • Compactly build
    • Product-friendly
    • Bucket always clean
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