RotoMaster 350

The Vegniek RM350 is the most robust and compact forward tipping box rotator on the market. Due to the short frontal extension length, the capacity is up to 30% higher than with other box rotators. By means of a quick lock system the rotator can be quickly and safely attached to a forklift truck, front loader, mast or telehandler.


Only 1 double acting hydraulic valve is required for all functions. The hydraulic system is designed in such a way that operating errors are excluded. The top clamp can be fully reclined, so that several boxes can be transported simultaneously. There is no damage to boxes because the box is fully supported when rotating. Emptying boxes is done with perfect control keeping the fall heights to a minimum. 

A fall breaker or big bag filler can easily be mounted on a standard RM350. Making the RM350 even more versatile.

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