Selecto 2023



Potato selection with the new selecto roguing cart!


The brand new Selecto roguing cart is even more complete, even more comfortable, even more powerful and even more manoeuvrable than you were already used to!


The new Selecto is a four-wheel drive machine, of which all large wheels (8.3R24) are driven by powerful hydraulic wheel motors. The large wheels and powerful wheel motors in combination with the ideal weight distribution ensure that the machine always has grip and drives easily through ditches. The Selecto steers by means of articulated steering and follows the track, making the new Selecto very manoeuvrable on small headlands.

This hydrostatic machine is powered by a 25 HP strong 3 cylinder diesel engine which is very quiet and economical in use.


The easy-to-operate electric joystick in combination with the electronic throttle controls the driving section. In addition, the Selecto is standard equipped with cruise control, two hydraulically height-adjustable seats, a hydraulically tipping bunker and height-adjustable stainless steel haulm guides with spring-loaded break-out protection. The wheel covers are very easy to remove, making cleaning the machine easy.


Much attention has been paid to user comfort. This is evident, for example, in the comfortable seats, the wide footrests and the electric / hydraulic control of all functions. In addition, passengers now have the option to drive forwards and backwards and to reactivate the cruise control.


Although the Selecto is already very complete in the standard version, various options are available.


The advantages of the new Selecto:

  • Powerful drive
  • Maximum comfort
  • User friendly
  • Manoeuvrable 
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