The Selecto is a four-wheel machine, all four wheels are driven by heavy-duty hydraulic wheel motors. The roguing cart steers by means of articulated steering, which is stronger and more stable than knuckle steering.
This hydrostatic machine is driven by a 25 HP 3-cylinder diesel engine that is very quiet and economical in use.

The smoothly operating electric joystick controls the driving part. Cruise-control ensures a constant speed in the field and is part of the standard equipment.

The machine comes standard with two hydraulic height-adjustable seats, a hydraulic tipping bunker and height-adjustable stainless steel haulm guides.

The wheel covers are easy to open or remove, making cleaning the machine simple. 

During the design of the Selecto, we paid much attention to the comfort for the user. This is for instance evident in the comfortable seats, the wide foot rests and the electric/hydraulic control of all functions.


Although the standard SELECTO is already very complete, various options are available.


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