The brand new electric SELECTRON roguing cart!


The fully electrically powered SELECTRON roguing cart is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery. This battery can be easily charged by means of the charger, but is also charges during the day by the solar panel sunroofs. Now, of course, the first question is: Does this machine have enough capacity to drive all day? Every situation is different and we believe that the SELECTRON should be able to drive a full working day in any desired situation.


Enjoy the silence!


During the selection process, you do not only want the battery of the selection car to run out, but also your own battery. An empty battery in both cases results in a bad result regarding to the selection. During the development of the SELECTRON, comfort for the user has therefore always been central. The comfortable seats are equipped with an accumulator for extra comfortable suspension. The SELECTRON is equipped with an extra wide, hydraulic tippable bunker where the plants can easily be thrown in. The quiet electric drive provides a pleasant working environment. Would you like some sound in the background? The SELECTRON is standard equipped with a radio with Bluetooth and DAB+. Enjoying the peace and quiet? Then set the radio to Mute and the SELECTRON to ECO mode, making it even quieter! In addition, you have easy insight into the energy consumption and capacity of the battery by means of the touchscreen display.


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