The Vegniek subsoilers with hydraulically extendable tines.


The Vegniek subsoilers are robust machines with a short mounting dimension. Due to the hydraulically extendable tines, a hydraulic lifting device is not necessary and the next machine (e.g. power harrow) can be mounted very closely to the tractor. The big advantage of the very short mounting dimension is that the lifting capacity of the tractor will not be limited. The openly constructed main frame makes it possible to use a PTO driven tracking machine.


The Vegniek subsoiler can be equipped with both fixed tines and with tines whose mutual distance can be adjusted. This way you can loosen the soil in any situation, at the desired location.


The modularly constructed Vegniek subsoiler is available in various versions. You have options in terms of tine type, number of tines and working width.


Do you have specific wishes? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.



Advantages of the Vegniek subsoilers:

  • Short mounting dimensions
  • Tines can be lifted out hydraulically
  • Can be used in combination with many other machinery
  • Robustly built
  • Many choices in terms of tines and tine spacing
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