Trailing rollers



To accurately adjust the working depth of the soil tillage implement, a trailing roller is usually necessary. Vegniek produces various types of trailing rollers, such as cage rollers and ring rollers. Each role has its own characteristics. We have a range of standard roles. In addition, roles are often made customer-specific. With or without a mounting frame.


Cage rollers

A cage roller ensures good crumbling of the soil. The advantage of a cage roll or tube roll is the high load-bearing capacity. We prefer to supply cage rollers in V-shape for perfect stability of the machine. The more tubes the finer the crumbling.


Ring rollers

The Vegniek ring roller is specially designed for aggressive operation in combination with a light weight. Because lifting capacity of the tractor is often a limitation . The ring roller levels the soil and the sharp flat rings press the clods well. The soil is only compacted at the location of the rings. The perfect situation arises if sown in the same track afterwards. Namely, where sowing is done, the soil is compacted to reduce the soil porosity and limit evaporation to create a perfect seedbed. Between these tracks, the soil remains sufficiently coarse and open, for good water permeability against compaction of the soil. A scraper beam is mounted behind the ring roller to prevent the roll from filling up. Clod guides on the sides of the roll ensure that clods at the connection are worked under the roll, causing it to crumble. The result is a perfect seedbed.

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